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SuperC Technology Limited incorporated in December, 2011. SuperC is a technology driven company specialized in development and manufacturing of pristine graphene and its composites. To our knowledge, SuperC has the world largest few layer graphene production capacity. We develop products not just graphene for all applications, but each of our product is specially designed for specific application. SuperC provides not only graphene application solutions and also technical supports from our technology experts in different area. Our graphene products are applicable to a broad market including new energy, electronics, automobile and transportation, and environments.

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The sixth element materials technology co. Ltd, founded in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the R&D, production and sales of graphene powder, and in the technical development of graphene applications. The corporation was approved in the National SME share transfer system Co., Ltd. in the October of 2014. Our products cover dozens of spices, varying from enhancement, energy storage, electrical or thermal conductance, and antiseptic. They fit for a wide range of applications, and can play an important role in both military and civilian purposes.

Qingdao Huagao Graphene Technology Corp. Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in development and application of high-quality graphene, focusing on two fields of application "military" and "ocean environment". The company has a strong R&D team, with 29 patents and 12 products, with advantages compared to similar products in the market. Products including bulletproof material and graphene antistatic tires have completed trial phase. As the Qingdao graphene international science and technology cooperation base, we have been awarded a number of projects from the government, such as MST Innovation Fund for small and medium enterprises, Independent innovation of major projects and so on. The novel manufacturing technology won the second prize in the fourth China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Finals.

Gold Sponsors

Jining Lite Nanotechnology co., LTD is the first domestic high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development, production, sales and service of graphene based materials, graphene functional materials and graphene applied products. The head office is located in high-tech zone of Jining, Shandong. The company insists on the development direction of high-end, high-quality and high-efficiency, implements development strategy of innovation, open and project driving, to form the new development mode of graphene industry as the leading factor, extending to the electronic, new energy, pulp, biological engineering, medical and health care, and other areas. The Lite Nanothchnology insists on the principle of the layout of the base, large-scale, intensive development. It established three demonstration base, Jining carbon nanomaterials research center, production base for graphene and graphene application base, in Jining national high-tech zone, Jining chemical industrial park and Qingdao national hi-tech zone separately. It has successively connected with a number of research institutions and enterprise, building up open innovation mode of university-industry cooperation, integration of upstream and downstream, domestic and foreign linkage system. Under the leading of the company, Shandong innovation alliance of graphene industry and Shandong intellectual property protection alliance of graphene industry were founded. And it has become the syndic unit of China innovation alliance of graphene industry.

Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd., known as SQ, was established in 1979 and is located in the Chemical Industrial Park Zhangqiu, Jinan. The factory is situated on 1200 acres and our diverse and highly skilled workforce consists of approximately 2000 employees. SQ is the overall leader in the Chinese industry in Production Capacity, Technology, Product quality, Turnover, Profit & Tax, and Management Ability. SQ is listed as one of the top five foundry auxiliary materials manufacturers in the world. True to SQ’s motto - The best is not good enough – SQ Group has emphasized the importance of high quality products throughout its 30-year history. SQ takes 1/3 of the market share in the industry and has sales networks in Europe, South East Asia and 40 other countries around the world. SQ possesses an impeccable reputation in this industry. SQ has consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships with large and small customers globally.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science, enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With annual revenues of $10 billion, they have more than 30,000 employees and serve over 350,000 customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as environmental and industrial process control settings. Serving customers through two premier brands, Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific, they help solve analytical challenges from routine testing to complex research and discovery.

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The predecessor of Verder Shanghai Instruments and Equipment Co., Ltd is Verde Retsch (Shanghai) trading co., LTD., which is a branch of Verder Group in China. Its head office is in Shanghai, offices or liaison offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places. The main business is divided into Liquid Division and Scientific Division. Germany RETSCH co., LTD. founded in 1915 is one of the most core brands of Scientific Division. Germany RETSCH co., LTD. is the world's largest laboratory of solid sample preparation and grinding crushing screening equipment manufacturers, having extensive customers in many fields, such as commodity inspection, quality inspection, colleges and universities, agricultural, biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, research institute, steel making, metallurgical, geological, and so on, which is well known and accepted for the first brand!

CVD Equipment Corporation is a chemical vapor deposition technology provider to R&D and industry. Our First Nano EasyTube® platform supports advanced nanomaterials research by providing equipment for precursor delivery, controlled CVD reactions, and process exhaust abatement, with advanced control software that integrates the components into a safe, user-friendly, easy-to-maintain turnkey system. We have developed patent pending technology for low cost, high volume production of graphene, carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires, and other 1D and 2D nanomaterials. We also focus on designing and manufacturing custom pilot and production CVD systems for many 1D and 2D nanomaterial manufacturing scale up needs.

Beijing ExtraTech Analytical Ltd. was founded here in Beijing, China in 2004 under the control of Chinese law in order to act as a sales and service representative mainly for electronic or scientific instrument from Europe, US and Japan.

JNBIO-Globally Unique Water-bath Low Temperature Ultra-high Pressure Continuous Flow Cell Disrupter (High Pressure Homogenizer). The exploiting product team composed of multi specialties, such as senior engineers and advanced technicians, focus on R&D Low Temperature Ultra-high Pressure Continuous Flow Cell Disrupter. This innovative technology has broken new ground in low-temperature cell crush technology; found solutions to high temperature rocket problem during high-pressure cell disrupt; breakthrough biomedical cell disruption bottleneck. And comprehensive equipment performance is superior to similar products at home and abroad. The new technology will be of benefit to the majority of users.

Both Nanoscale and Nanoscale Horizons are published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, a not-for-profit publisher. With more than 51,000 members and an international publishing and knowledge business we are the UK's professional body for chemical scientists; supporting and representing our members and bringing together chemical scientists from all over the world.

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CGIA supports members to focus on application and industry chain, to keep pace with market development, to guarantee industry interests by involving in policy making and establishing standards, and to build long-term cooperation with up-down stream enterprises all over the world.


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