Speaker-Byung Hee Hong

Byung Hee Hong
Seoul National University, Korea
Byung Hee Hong (b. 1971) received the BS (1998), MS (2000) and PhD (2002) degrees in chemistry from POSTECH in Korea. After spending 3.5 years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Columbia University (Advisor: Philip Kim), he joined the Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) as an Assistant Professor, in 2007. Now, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Seoul National Univ. and also a Visiting Associate in Department of Physics at Harvard Univ.
Byung Hee Hong pioneered the large-scale synthesis of graphene by CVD, which triggered chemical research studies toward the practical applications of graphene. His first report on the CVD synthesis of graphene (Nature 457, 706 (2009)) has recorded the world highest citations in chemistry among the papers published since 2009. A year after, Byung Hee Hong developed the synthesis of ultra-large graphene based on roll-to-roll methods and applied the material to flexible touch screens (Nature Nanotech. 5, 574-578 (2010)), which is believed to be the first demonstration of the utilization of graphene materials in practical electronic devices. 
For this contribution, Byung Hee Hong was invited by the Nobel Committee to give a presentation in the Novel Symposium on Graphene, five months prior to the announcement of the Nobel Physics Prize on graphene in 2010. The press release by the Royal Swedish Academy has cited Byung Hee Hong’s paper as one of the major research achievements that contributed to the prize, and his achievements are being exhibited in Nobel Museum. He is a Regional Editor for 2D Materials journal and a Strategic Advisory Board Member for EU Graphene Flagship Project. He spun-off a company called Graphene Square Inc. (http://www.graphenesq.com) in 2012, specialized in high-quality graphene and 2D materials synthesis equipment.
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