Speaker-Norbert Fabricius

Norbert Fabricius
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
Dr. Norbert Fabricius graduated in Physics and received his PhD from the University of Essen in 1985. In his industrial career between 1986 and 2002 he developed materials and processes for the manufacturing of integrated optical components used in telecommunication networks. His last industrial position was Director Operations at JDS Uniphase in Germany.
In 2003 he joined the Research Centre Karlsruhe (now KIT) as the head of the Helmholtz Program “Microsystem Technologies” and “Nanotechnology”. Since 2008 he is responsible for nanotechnology standardization.
He has experience in standardization on the national (DKE, DIN) and international (IEC, ISO) level for 25 years in different technology areas as well as in industrial and academic environments. He acts as the Secretary for the IEC Technical Committee 113 “Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems” and is a member in a number of related IEC and ISO technical committees. On the national level he is Divisional Chairman of Div. 1 “General electrical engineering, materials for electrotechnology, environmental protection” at the DKE and active in a number of national standardization committees.
His most recent activity is the establishment of a standardization committee within the EU FET Flagship Initiative Graphene and the CENELEC Workshop on “Specifications for Graphene Related Material”.
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