Speaker-Hui Wang

Hui Wang
Northwest University, China

Hui Wang, Ph. D, Professor (the second grade), the deputy director of Shanxi Joint Laboratory of Graphene, Northwest University, China. Research interests: Preparation and application of graphene and nano-carbon materials in solar cell, lithium battery and related Photoelectric functional materials. Over the past five years, she presided over the National Hi-Tech Research and Development Program (863) Key Project of China, Key projects of international cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology, 973 special project and other national, provincial and ministerial key projects which more than 20 items. The results won the 1st and 3rd prize of Science and Technology Award of Shanxi Province, the 1st and 2nd prize of High School Science and Technology Award of Shanxi Province, respectively. Besides, she gets a lot of titles and awards include the Liu Dagang Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences(2008), the titles of Outstanding Returned Overseas Chinese Talents of Shanxi Province (2009), Female Pace Setter Of High School of Shaanxi Province (2011), most beautiful science and technology workers of Xi’an (2014) etc. What’s more, the research results has obtained 15 national invention patents, and more than 120 papers has been published in SCI journals and translations, writers three books. The 863 Key Project “Key Technologies and Techniques for Preparation of Electrode Silver Paste for High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Cells” has realized industrialization.

Title:Application of Graphene in Silver Powder and Silver Paste Used in the Front Electrode of Solar Cell (Oral)
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We have successfully developed silver powders with a high dispersity and high tap density (>5.5g/cm3) used in silver paste for the front electrode of solar cell by using graphene due to its hydrophobicity, and we also achieved the prepared in industrial scales. The performance of the powder is similar to the same one imported from abroad, individual performance is higher than similar products. And the technical indicator of silver products by us is following, particle size (D50 1.5~2.5μm), tap density (>5.5g/cm3). What’s more, we have successfully prepared the graphene modified silver pastes with high photoelectric conversion efficiency and good printing performance because of graphene high conductivity and lubricity, and we also achieved it’s industrialization. Meanwhile, the average photoelectric conversion efficiency of graphene modified silver pastes is 0.2% higher than the normal silver paste, the printing performance and aspect ratio of the graphene modified silver pastes is also better than the normal one.

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