Speaker-Lilei Ye

Lilei Ye
CEO of Smart High Tech, Sweden

Dr Lilei Ye graduated with a PhD degree in Experimental Physics in Chalmers University of Technology with a focus on microscopy analysis of lead free solder and conductive adhesive materials used in electronic packaging. Before joining SHT Smart High Tech AB, she worked with material technology and failure analysis on metallic and interconnect materials in Volvo AB. Since 2010 she became research manager of SHT and was in charge of the developments with respect to novel thermal interface materials, CNT-based interconnect materials and graphene used in electronic packaging. 

Title:Large-area free-standing graphene films with superior thermal conductivity for high power electronic applications
SymposiumElectronic Devices
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Critical thermal dissipation issuesare threatening performance and lifetime of electronics, due to tremendous heatfluxes generated. Hence, there is a significant need for high performance heat dissipation materials to convey excessive heat away from power components and thereby reduce the working temperature of the systems.

Graphene and graphene films (GFs) are two-dimensional carbon-based nanomaterials with honeycomb lattice structures.These materials demonstrated superior thermal performance which made them potential alternative materials for thermal management. In the present work, large-area,freestanding and ultra-high thermal conductive GFs are fabricated and demonstratedas novel heat spreading and thermal interface materials.  The thermal conductivity of the graphene filmscan reach over 2000 W/mK along in-plane direction and the through-planeeffective thermal conductivity under various pressures is also studied. Wefurther demonstrate that our graphene films outperform Cu and Al foils andcommercial graphitic sheets. This highly flexible and thermally-conductive graphene film can be easily integrated into high-power electronics and future stretchable/foldable devices and provides superior thermal management capabilities.

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