Speaker-Wei Han

Wei Han
School of Physics, Peking University
Wei Han holds a PhD degree in physics, and iscurrently a professor in the International Center for Quantum Materials, Schoolof Physics, Peking University. His main research interests are in the areas of 2Dmaterials for spintronics and magnetism-based applications.
Title:Spintronics in 2D Materials
SymposiumStrategic Frontier
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2D materials have attracted a lot of interest in thelast decade for their fascinating physical properties and potentialapplications for various fields. For spintronics, the use of the spin degree offreedom for information storage and logic applications, 2D materials are alsovery attractive due to their special spin-dependent properties.

In this talk, I will show two interesting 2D materials(Graphene and Cr2Ge2Te6) for spin dependentphysics and spintronics applications. I will first discuss the spin dependent propertiesof graphene, and graphene-based spintronics devices. Then, I will talk aferromagnetic 2D material, Cr2Ge2Te6 and theelectric field effect on it.

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