Speaker-Junhe Yang

Junhe Yang
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Dean of the school of materials science and engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Executive deputy director of Shanghai powder metallurgical automobile materials research center. Visiting professor at the department of mechanical engineering and materials science in the University of Pittsburgh. Executive council member of Chinese Energy Society. Executive council member of Chinese Materials Research Society. Vice chairman of Shanghai Society for Advanced Materials. Vice chairman of Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association. Editorial board member of New Carbon Materials and Journal of Inorganic Materials.
1995 Outstanding teacher award of Baosteel Education Fund, 2000 nomination for Anhui provincial government Youth Science and Technology Award, 2002 Special government allowances of the State Council and 2004 Shanghai leading talent program.
He engaged in teaching and research on the field of new carbon materials, nanomaterials and coke for metallurgy. He had more than 200 peer reviewed publications and had been cited more than 1200 times. He applied for more than 50 patents. He received research fundings from National Nature Science Foundation of China, the National Basic Research Program of China, the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion center. He also had research projects with Baosteel and Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd, and created more than 100 million yuan economic benefits. 

He received United Nations star of science and technology innovation award at 1994、second class Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Metallurgy at 1996、second class National Science and Technology Progress Award at 1997、second class Science and Technology Progress in Universities of Anhui Province at 1999. He also received third class Teaching Achievement Award of Ministry of Metallurgy at 1996, third class Shanghai Research Collaboration Achievement Award, second class Shanghai Educational Scientific Research Achievement Award and Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award at 2005, second class Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award at 2014.

Title:Graphene reinforced organic coatings for anticorrosion application
SymposiumB18 Anti-corrosion Coatings
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Graphene and its derivatives feature excellent barrier properties, high aspect ratio, flexibility and transparency, which make it an unique barrier reinforcement for anticorrosive coatings. The major challenge for the preparation of the graphene reinforced anticorrosion coatings is the agglomeration of graphene. The chemical states of graphene were carefully tailored, aiming for a nanoscopic dispersion of graphene, as well as promoting the understanding of the critical factors on anticorrosion properties of graphene reinforced composite coatings. 
Graphene oxide, mildly reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and functionalized graphene were added to waterborne polyurethane (PU) matrix as the anticorrosive reinforcement, respectively. The graphene reinforced organic coatings were applied on galvanized steel surfaces by a bar-coater. The anticorrosive properties of the graphene derivatives reinforced PU composite coatings were characterized by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and salt spray tests. The dispersion states of graphene in PU matrix varied with the chemical states of graphene. The correlations between the chemical states, dispersion states of graphene, and anticorrosive properties of the composite coatings were discussed. The superior anticorrosive properties of the graphene reinforced PU composite coatings were achieved by the addition of 0.2 wt% of RGO. The EIS results showed that the under-painting corrosion did not occur after 235 h immersion in 3.5 wt% NaCl electrolyte and the impedance modulus at 0.1 Hz remained at 109 Ω, barely changed for 235 h.

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