Speaker-Dapeng Yu

Dapeng Yu
Academician, Chinese Academy of Science
D.P.Yu was promoted to full professor in 1999 in Peking University. He was then supported by the Outstanding Young Scientists Funding by NSFC in 2000.  He was further sponsored by the Chang Kung Professorship in 2002 by Ministry of Education, China.  Prof D. P. Yu is one of the world pioneers in developing method to synthesize from the bottom, and to characterize 1-dimensional semiconductor nanowires, and made important contributions to the investigations of nanowire materials. 
His group has published more than 400 peer-reviewed papers in nanowire materials and physics in important journal such as Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Phys. Rev B/Letters, Appl. Phys. Letters, JACS and Nature Communications. Those papers have important impact and been cited for more than 15000 times by colleagues worldwide with an h-index of 64(from Google Scholar).  His work has been recognized by important awards such as the awards from the Ministry of Education for “1-D Nanostructured Materials and Physics”; 1st class, 2004, P. R. China,  and the “National Natural Science Award” “1-D Nanostructured Materials and Physics”, 2nd class, P. R. China, 2007. 
He has mentored more than 60 graduates and postdoctoral associates.
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