Internet+ Time, opportunity of global graphene cooperation

2015-08-15 15:59:41

Internet+ not only means a new commercial activity combining internet with traditional industry under the atmosphere of innovation 2.0, but also the tendency of newenergy, green ecology, intelligent manufacturing, open-source creation and soon, including graphene, one of the most important new materials.

On the other hand, graphene is beneficial a lot to internet. As we all know that graphene is a miraculous all-purpose material. It has great potential in the fields of new energy, heat dissipation, touch screen, conductive ink, functionalcoating, environmental protection and so on. Under the background of globalization, it is especially important to the international cooperation of graphene.

From the view of industrial development, based on the rich storage of raw materials in minerals and natural gas, China is becoming the leader of global graphene industry with the energetic economy. At the same time, patent portfolio in USA and Korea and so on is more scientific. Therefore, it has strategic importance to enhance the international cooperation and promote the development of graphene industry.

China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry stays in tight touch with the relative organizations and famous experts in America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Now the 2015' International Graphene Innovation Conference(GRAPCHINA 2015) held on October has arranged 8 bilateral cooperation forums, including China-Italy, China-Korea, China-Sweden, China-America, China-Spain,China-France, China-UK and cross-strait cooperation forum with Taiwan. At that time, graphene experts and famous enterprises delegates from all over the world will get together and discuss on the scientific achievements and applications of graphene.

It is undoubt that GRAPCHINA 2015, as a global graphene conference in autumn, will definitely promote the international cooperation and create great value to the graphene industry development.

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CGIA supports members to focus on application and industry chain, to keep pace with market development, to guarantee industry interests by involving in policy making and establishing standards, and to build long-term cooperation with up-down stream enterprises all over the world.



Abstract: Minyang Lu

Sponsor: Wenyang Yang

Media: Liping Wang

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