GRAPCHINA 2015 Has Been Successfully Held in Qingdao

2016-01-27 17:59:25

GRAPCHINA 2015 has been successfully held by CGIA in Qingdao from Oct 28 to Oct 30. At the same time, the 2015' China International Graphene Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition has made a full success. Sir Andre Geim awarded the prize to the final winner.

As one of the most important graphene industry conference, GRAPCHINA 2015 kept focusing on graphene industrialization and business opportunities. This conference, with the theme of Solution for Commercialization of Graphene, sent up 40 parallel sessions involving fundamental research of graphene, graphene standardization, cooperation and utilization of resources, policy and investment, bilateral cooperation and so on.

During the conference, more than 200 top entrepreneurs and scientific researchers from the world shared over 260 talks on different aspects of graphene application. The opening ceremony, held in the morning of the October 29, was the most impressive activity. The most influential scientists presented their latest research and ideas in this morning, like Andre Geim from the University of Manchester, Humming Cheng from Institute of Metal Research, CAS, Pulickel M. Ajayan from Rice University, etc. The opening attracted over 1500 attendees gathering that made the plenary hall fully packed.

The other highlight of the conference is the several bilateral cooperation forums for the first time, aiming to build platforms for institutes or companies from both sides to have abetter understanding on each other and hope to help establish connection orcooperation with good international partners.

To supply more information to the graphene industry, industry research department of China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) published Global Graphene Industry Report 2015 firstly on site. From the technology and market, the report grasps the industry development, detailed analyses the opportunity and challenge in China,and provide basis for national development and reform commission on adding graphene into National Science and Technology Innovation Major Project.

With the depth ofgraphene research and application, graphene is driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, cultivating new industry growth, and promoting the innovation and starting business. China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) will continue to promote the development of graphene industry, and construct the solid bridge for the development of graphene.

Main Organizer

CGIA supports members to focus on application and industry chain, to keep pace with market development, to guarantee industry interests by involving in policy making and establishing standards, and to build long-term cooperation with up-down stream enterprises all over the world.



Abstract: Minyang Lu

Sponsor: Wenyang Yang

Media: Liping Wang

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