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China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (CGIA) was established as a non-profit organization on July 13, 2013 with the support of the Chinese Government bodies. As a consortium of enterprises, institutions, and universities that are devoted to R&D on graphene and graphene based products, CGIA aims at improving the industrial technology innovation for the development of enterprises and achieving their common interests. With dozens of members and industry network, CGIA are able to provide services like project investment and financing, IP protection and licensing, policy application and support, and has made a significant progress towards fulfilling the mission.


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the Chinese government, established in March 2008, is the state agency of the People's Republic of China responsible for regulation and development of the postal service, Internet, wireless, broadcasting, communications, production of electronic and information goods, software industry and the promotion of the national knowledge economy. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is not responsible for the regulation of content for the media industry. This is administered by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.The responsibility for regulating the non electronic communications industry in China falls on the General Administration of Press and Publication.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is a governmental agencies which performs functions of State management on Science and Technology, including Science and Technology activities; development ofScience and Technology potentials; intellectual property; standards, metrology and quality control; atomic energy, radiation and nuclear safety; and State management on public services in fields under the Ministry’s management as stipulated by law.

The National Development and Reform Commission, formerly State Planning Commission and State Development Planning Commission, is a macroeconomic management agency under the Chinese State Council, which has broad administrative and planning control over the Chinese economy. Since 2008 the Commission has been headed by Zhang Ping. The NDRC's functions are to study and formulate policies for economic and social development, maintain the balance of economic development, and to guide restructuring of China's economic system.

The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) is the largest national non-governmental organization of scientific and technological workers in China, which also serves as the bridge that links the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government to the country's science and technology community. Through its member societies - 201 in number - and local branches all over the country, the organization maintains close ties with millions of Chinese scientists, engineers and other people working in the fields of science and technology.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) was established on February 14,1986. It is an institution directly under the jurisdiction of the State Council, tasked with the administration of the National Natural Scince Fund from the Central Government. Since its establishment, NSFC has comprehensively introduced and implemented a rigorous and objective merit-review system to fulfill its mission of supporting basic research, fostering talented researchers, developing international cooperation and promoting socioeconomic development. The administrative system has been well developed and improved for the decision-making of the funding policy, the implementation of the funding programs and the supervision of funding operation. the management system of project implementation and a complete set of regulations have been formulated. The current funding system is focused on three categories of programs including research promotion, talent fostering and infrastructure costruction for basic research.

China Industry-University-Research-Institute Collaboration Association was founded in November 2007, with supports from relevant government departments, universities, institutes, and enterprises. It is a high-level platform for members to build cooperation and integrate resources across the region and across the industry. As a non-profit organization, the association aims to promote national and regional technology innovation, enhance independent innovation capability and provide service to enterprises for continuous innovation and development.

China Technology Venture Association is a nonprofit organization, which consists of VCs, incubators, high-tech SMEs, other relevant organizations, and 263 voluntary individuals. It aims to improve the national technological innovation competence, promote the national independent innovation capability so as to further the sustainable development of the national economy.


As Secretary-General unit of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Graphene Industry Development Alliance, it is responsible for the daily work of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Alliance. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Graphene Industry Development Alliance is joint established by National Alliance,Tangshan national Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and other units, in the background of speeding up the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei graphene industry, promoting the transformation of traditional industries,and nurturing new industry growth points. By the leading role of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Graphene Industry Development Alliance, it can coordinate the resources of these three regions and organize the related enterprises joint develop graphene industry application technology which has market potential, improving innovation capability and industrial competitiveness, promoting our graphene industry to meet the urgent needs of the domestic high-tech fields, so that to promote the development of the whole industry chain.

Shanghai Jixi Graphene Technology Co., Ltd is the Graphene industry service platform in Shanghai which established by China Innovation Alliance of Graphene Industry(CGIA). By relying on the strategic positioning of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and the talent highland, it sets up a "Shanghai Industrial Technology Graphene functional platform" jointly with Baoshan District Government. The platform insisted technology industry-oriented, government guidance, and social diversified investment , so that to promote scientific and technological achievements into industrial production and build innovative talents Highland. Thus promoting the joint development of graphene industry in Yangtze River Delta region.

Qingdao International Graphene Innovation Center is the first international graphene innovation center in China. It devotes to providing service to the innovation and application of graphene industry chain, including research and development and industrial application of graphene process equipment, process technology, material macro preparation technology. The platform focuses on realizing the technology innovation and commercialization of graphene materials in marine antifouling, seawater desalination, energy storage, transparent conductive film, composite materials, environmental protection and other downstream application. This center also provides service like nurseries, incubators and accelerators for the graphene innovation experts and teams from home and aboard.

Beijing Xiandai Huaqing Materials Science and Technology Development Center (here in after referred to as "the center") was established by supports of relevant scientific research institutes and universities. Its main task is managing Matinfo, a web platform to release important information on materials industry. The center is also one of the core launching members and the secretariat of China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene industry. The center is responsible for the daily operation of alliance and other specific functions,including involving in make graphene industry standards, hosting industrial conferences and activities, participating in international conferences and exhibitions, strengthening international cooperation, guiding local government to build the graphene industry zone, and importing high-quality projects to zones or companies.

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CGIA supports members to focus on application and industry chain, to keep pace with market development, to guarantee industry interests by involving in policy making and establishing standards, and to build long-term cooperation with up-down stream enterprises all over the world.



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